Baby Cakes’ World

Ahhh. To be two. Grandpa and I pick the Baby Cakes up from day care every Tuesday, and it’ s always a new adventure. When we first started picking her up about a year ago, she clung to the day care lady like a little lost lamb trembling behind Mary, and making me feel like a baby snatcher as we drove off in Grandpa’s truck with her kicking and screaming. (I was always crying, too!) Honestly, I felt I should offer to call DCFS for her.

What a difference today! When we go to pick her up now, she bolts out the door, headed toward our truck with her face aglow and screaming, “Nana!! Gampa!!!” Now I will admit that I’m not above bringing a bribe with me every time we pick her up. I started in the early days, and even tho we probably don’t need it anymore, it’s just a little insurance I carry around. I mean, when you’re dealing with a two-year-old, you can’t have too many tricks in your bag, can you?

Yesterday, it was a “twirling light” that I picked up at Walmart for a buck. “I go to park,” the Cakes announced mater-of-factly as she climbed in her seat. “Oh, Honey, it’s raining,” I said. “I go McDonalds Park!” she answered.

Well, you can hardly argue with that, can you? At least I can’t. It’s not raining inside McDonald’s. I was out of excuses. So, Grandpa and I dutifully took her to the McDonald’s with an indoor playground and had a drink (okay, a soda) while we watched her play on the playground. Time to go? No problem, I promise her a bath and a tea party before dinner!

Afterward, we took her to a restaurant for a fine kid’s dinner of chicken fingers, french fries and chocolate milk. Then, it was home to Mommy.

But today’s not Tuesday. It’s Wednesday. And I miss her.


2 thoughts on “Baby Cakes’ World

  1. so sweet! and, seriously, some of my best memories are of afternoons at that McDonalds in Lafayette when our kids were little. 🙂

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