A Tale of Two Kitties

Wow. I could never have predicted this.

Our sweet, sweet blue cream Persian kitty, Alley, who has lived with us since she was six-months old, turned 15-years old the first of July. And like most of us who’ve logged a few miles, she wasn’t as spry as she used to be. Her hips didn’t work like they did when she was young. But then, mine don’t either.

Alley sleeping with a mouse

Here she is sleeping with a “mouse” on the deck. She was allowed out on the deck only if we were out there, and she had to stay on the deck. Alley knew the rules and obeyed them. That’s how incredible she was.

So she was slow and a bit needy as she grew old, but still Alley was happy and loved to be with her family. Then one recent Thursday she didn’t come out of her room. We took her to the vet that afternoon where she was diagnosed with kidney failure. Long-heart-wrenching-too-sad-to-tell-it-story short, Alley died the next day. We buried her at Wolf Crossing under twin oak trees. John and I both cried as he dug the hole and placed her in it. A resin angel and goldfinch feeder now mark Alley’s resting place. You might think it’s crazy, but I bought a marker for her which hasn’t yet arrived.

After Alley was gone, our house was immediately quiet and we missed our kitty. Through her, we had fallen in love with Persians–they are such sweet, gentle souls. But I didn’t want to buy from a breeder. I wanted to adopt a kitty in need, not one with a silver spoon. I’m not judgemental about it, but I think buying from a breeder encourages breeding. In my opinion, the world doesn’t need more cats.

After a bit of research, I discovered Specialty Purebred Cat Rescue–an organization dedicated to the rescue and placement of purebred kitties in need. How cool is that?! Even better, they are located just north of Chicago–a three-and-a-half hour drive for us! So I started visiting their website everyday and thinking about the kitties whose heart-melting stories are told there. (Check them out at http://www.purebredcatrescue.org)

Within a few days, guess whose picture appeared?

Alice’s adoption photo

It was Alice! Her picture stole our hearts, and we began the adoption process. According to Alice’s foster mom, there was no shortage of people who wanted to adopt her. We got lucky, tho, and she is now home with us. We are soooo happy to welcome this new little sweetheart into our lives. And, yes, she really is that cute!

So, here’s our tale of two kitties: Alley, we will never forget you and you will live in our hearts always. Alice, welcome to your new life!