Promise of Spring

Our house is situated on a 1.7 acre lot that is entirely wooded except for our yard. Last fall, John and I planted spring bulbs here and there, and we honestly can’t remember the exact spots.

We were out pruning our rose bushes recently, and I took a look along the edge of our back yard and guess what?!image

Hello World!

This blog is my attempt at self-expression, documenting ordinary observations, reviewing recipes and a general experiment in understanding the mysterious scary world that is social media.

I am a happily married young grandmother of five beautiful girls. Working as a communications manager for the world’s premiere heavy construction equipment manufacturer takes up most of my days–but that’s okay because it’s fun, I work with amazing people and even get to travel to cool places once in awhile.

My husband, John, and I, along with our best friends, the Rickards, are foodies and live to find the ultimate demiglace recipe and the next really great bottle of wine under $12! John and I love to travel when we can, and if not at home or with my kids, there’s no place I would rather be than in Paris, where we dream of buying an apartment one day.

A few things about me: I believe in love, the power of forgiveness and the bittersweet rhythm that fuels the circle of life. I believe in the magic of warm summer days, the promise of sunrise, and that most people are honest souls trying to do the best they can. I believe knowledge is freedom and although I don’t always practice it, I believe the only way to find true happiness is by serving others. I believe God expects me to share. I believe you should prune rose bushes in late winter, wash windows in the fall and grow rosemary in the basement window year-round because fresh herbs taste best. I believe in laughing with good friends, picking up pennies, cooking dinner at home and flossing my teeth every single day. I believe that my mother is in Heaven. I will see her again.